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CEMASTEA Best Suited in Offering Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Courses

The recently proposed Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules for teachers in Kenya by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), has been the subject of debate for quite some time. The debate revolves around the following key areas; teachers’  ‘readiness’ for the training, the duration of the training and the mode of rolling out the training. Related to this, is the issue on who ‘foots’ the bills associated with the training and the venues of the training. Despite all these discussions it is important to note that, teachers have been undergoing different trainings ranging from curricula related trainings to co-curricular trainings.

Discussions in most teachers’ social media platforms indicates that teachers have been undergoing TPD related courses from various institutions and the cost of the training and certification is not incurred by the teachers as proposed by the Teachers Service Commission.

There are various institutions in the country offering in-service training to teachers. One such institution is the Center for Mathematics Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) which is ISO Certified 9001-2015.

CEMASTEA is best suited in offering the TPD modules; it has national trainers in all the 47 counties in the country who cascades the training undertaken to the teachers at the county level, hence accessible to teachers. Moreover, ‘needs assessment’ report is done by the Center before any training.  The report on ‘needs assessment’ majorly focuses on areas of challenge to learners in the implementation of the curriculum by the teachers. Areas of challenge are obtained from various stakeholders in the education sector for example; The Kenya National Examination Council KCSE report.

During the trainings which are either in-person or online, the teachers are divided into groups based on their years of teaching experience for different modules. Certification for the training is prompt as it is done immediately on successful completion of the course.

Sample of a certificate recently awarded by CEMASTEA indicating the areas trained

The Center boasts of a complex facility which entails; a multipurpose hall, well equipped lecture rooms, Information Communication Technology Laboratories, Dining hall and catering facilities, well-furnished departmental offices and highly motivated and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. All those who have attended trainings conducted by CEMASTEA agree that the training is above board; relevant topics on emerging issues, well prepared presentations, good involvement of the trainees during the sessions among others. All these are implemented by CEMASTEA and financially supported by the Ministry of Education.

The center coordinates and provides In-Service Education and Training (INSET) to practicing teachers of Mathematics and Science in Kenya. In the TSC proposed TPD modules, teachers from other subject areas can be included. The Center is well equipped with physical facilities as well as professional trainers who offer quality training Programs which provides all round Teacher; Capacity Development of Teachers in Kenya and other African countries. Gearing towards realization of its mandate; the Center over time has grown and established Programs in the following areas namely:

  • Secondary Programs
  • Primary Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Courses for Mathematics and Science teachers and educators from African countries
  • Workshops for TSC officers namely; DEOs, DQASOs, TAC-Tutors, School Principals and Deputies, Heads of Departments (HoDs)
  • Research and Development Programs to inform course content
  • ICT integration in education Programs to enhance lesson delivery
  • External Linkages and Partnerships

CEMASTEA collaborates and partners with other stakeholders namely; Ministry of Education, Science and Technology which is its parent ministry, Teacher Service Commission, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Kenya Institute of Special Education, Kenya Education Management Institute, Kenya National Examination Council, Primary Teacher Training College, SMASE-Africa member countries, development partners, Association for Development of Education in Africa  – Conference of Ministers of Education in Africa, African Union, teachers unions, teachers, parents and students.

Given the opportunity of conducting the proposed TPD modules, CEMASTEA will always offer the best!


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    An excellent body.It has all what is needed in TPD training.

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      Yes it is, CEMASTEA given a chance will be very useful in CBC implementation in Kenya.

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